My love for wine. It's simple.

Updated: Jun 5, 2018


Hi y'all. Allison here, although to some of you that means nothing. Which is why I decided my first blog post would be a little about myself and how I became so passionate in wine. Who is here to drink more wine? Probably 98% of you, and I love you all for that. My favorite things about wine: community it brings together, memories, the consistent learning it requires (or doesn't require), wine for every person (and tastebuds), well obviously the alcohol content is also a plus, and I could go on forever!

Disclaimer: English and spelling were two things I was TERRIBLE at (math was always more my speed) if you are here for the writing, please excuse me I'm working on it. Will be a rough start. :)

First Up: My Motto

Not all girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice. Some girls are made with sarcasm, wine and everything fine.

I found this quote a while back and I must say it fits me to perfection. Although, to be very honest I am definitely made up of sugar too because my sweet tooth manages to always win. Anyone else have a big sweet tooth? ....more of a rhetorical question.

Where am I from? Where am I now?

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and I am now living in San Francisco, California. Where I spend most of my weekends in Napa Valley. The two questions I get the most frequently when I tell people I am from Houston 1) "How did you manage to get out to San Francisco ...from TEXAS?!" and 2) "Where is your southern accent?" So I will tell you the answers to both. And if you want in on the second question, give me enough #wine and that southern accent tends to always come out! .

Y'all, Imma Texas Girl by Heart

Some say size doesn't matter... in Texas and in a wine glass that could never be more false.

I absolutely loved growing up in the south. Texas was an amazing place to be raised and I loved every minute of it (well minus the humidity). I grew up with horses (so stereotypical I know) and did Rodeo. I went to college at Texas Tech University where I received a degree in Supply Chain management. That took me to my first job in Oklahoma and then that job took me to Northern California. I was in California for a year and a half and my company wanted to move me back to Texas, but I was just not ready to leave California and the wine country.

California- West Coast Vibes

When I moved to the San Francisco bay area back in 2014, one of the first things I knew I had to do was visit Napa. Instantly, I was in love! (I mean how could you not be) . Since my first time in Napa I have grown a love and passion for not only wine but the wine industry. I love not only visiting new wineries but enjoying a different experience every place you walk in to. There are wineries that are great to go with a group of friends to super intimate wineries for you and your special someone. I am here to share those experiences with you and so much more.

Why now?

Why now? Well, to be completely honest, I wanted to find a way to take my hobby of wine to the next level. Something to hold me accountable for continuing on this journey that I love so much. So many of my friends want reviews from me on wineries, wine valleys to visit outside of Northern California, and all of the other fun activities that come along with enjoying a glass of wine. Follow me on my wine journey and please reach out with any ideas you would love to see me post! CHEERS my winos!