Temecula Wine Country - Weekend Getaway

Why Temecula Wine Country is the perfect California weekend getaway and how to plan your perfect day in Temecula!

Hi my winos! I recently made a day trip out to Temecula during a girls weekend to San Diego, and I knew I had to share it with all of you! Temecula has all the best vibes! It's relaxed - yet up-beat, full of character, beautiful wineries, beautiful views, great wine, and I could keep going....seriously. But I'll give you a recap of my trip!

Side note ** I recommend going to three wineries during the day (one of them plan lunch at as well). There are quite a few wineries that have lunch offerings, so try to plan around that. That way you can get a meal in to be able to make it to three tastings!


One of the most important things (I think) in a day of drinking with friends is a driver! It makes the world of difference when you have someone who keeps you 1. (most importantly) safe and 2. on time to the next winery. I also love a fun driver that is onboard with fun upbeat music in the car and is personable but not all up in your business. I tried out Tour del Vino (you can visit their site here) and loved it. Sue helped us book and plan our day in Temecula and was a huge help! We sort of planned this last minute, so it was a huge help to have someone so knowledgable in the area to help book the good places! Will use them for my next trip as well since they seriously made everything so much easier and were so much fun! (Also, the SUV was really nice and very well maintained- made me feel like a celeb).


Our first stop of the day was Avensole Winery.

Tasting Fee: $20


Celebration: Sparkling wine that is refreshing to start with, and is super crisp and zesty

2014 Super Tuscan: This wine was different and I loved it! 84% Sangiovese, 12% Merlot, 4% Cabernet which was a great blend. Smooth and easy to drink!

We did the hosted tasting in the barrel room and our host was super attentive and VERY knowledgeable not only on the wines he was pouring but on wine in general as well. I love when the tasting hosts are personable yet knowledgable enough to spit some fun facts at you! They also have a great outdoor patio you can hang out on. I recommend buying a bottle of wine (if you have time to stay a while) and hang out on the patio.


Our second stop of the day was Lorimar Winery.

Tasting Fee: $15


2013 Cabernet Franc: This wine is perfect for the fall and winter! Cozy up at home with the fire or a nice pasta dinner and this one will pair great!

2015 Cabernet Sauvignon: Earthy undertones, and strong blackberry on the palate. This is a great Cabernet for the Cab lovers out there!

We had a great tour through the vineyard with our host. They were setting up for a wedding which looked like it was going to be stunning! I mean wedding in the vineyard, sign me up! This place was hoppin' with lots of people! They do sunset nights on the weekends in the summer months. You can order food outside and watch the sunset while drinking wine and listening to live music....I'm in! Everyone here was having a great time. We had lunch here and ordered in advance when we booked our tasting, this helped save us time and eat while drinking all the wine!


Our third and final stop of the day was Akash Winery.

Tasting Fee: $15


2017 Sauvignon Blanc: This SB was a great blend of white peach and lime zest. Great wine to start the tasting out with!

2016 Zinfandel: Loved this Zin! A little spicy yet complex with some cocoa notes. I would drink this with pizza every night if I could!

Okay this place....all the chic vibes! Its classy, modern, relaxed, and feels like your second home. The staff is super welcoming, friendly, passionate about the wine, and so excited to tell you the story! They have games outside and a great outdoor patio that overlooks the vineyard. Inside its a open warehouse vibe. Everything about this place was done tastefully. The girls loved the vibes and wine here! Highly recommend this place to just buy a bottle (or two) of wine and just hang out for a couple hours!

Okay y'all, START PLANNING YOUR TRIP TO TEMECULA NOW! This place was so much fun and I am already working on planning my next trip back!