Sunday Brunch - Virtual Tasting with Billecart Salmon

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

SO excited for this virtual brunch with everyone! Please see all the details below!

Date: Sunday May 3rd

Time: 11:00am PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Zoom Information:

Meeting ID: 924-4028-8045 Meeting Password: uncorked

Direct Link to join: Click here

*Please email Allison with any questions to:

Champagnes we will be tasting through:

  • Billecart Brut Reserve NV

  • Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé NV

*Note: You do not have to purchase both or any wines to participate in this virtual tasting. Please join even if you are not able to acquire the champagne we are discussing below. It will be a fun interactive tasting where we will welcome questions!

I recommend calling your local wine shop first to see if they have it (some grocery stores carry it as well). If not below are a few sites that you can find the champagnes at!

K & L Wines ($45 Brut and $75 for the Rosé) ($60 Brut and $80 for the Rosé)

Total Wine ($50 Brut and $80 Rosé)


Recommended brunch items: 

If you would like to do a pairing with the tasting (which is not required but will be a fun way to interact during the tasting) we have put together some ideas below. Whether you want to make a big spread or keep it simple - Clement will be there to talk through whatever pairing you decide to do! (I have put what champagnes pair best with the pairings listed below).

Make it yourself:

  • Poached egg with parmesan and smoked salmon toast (Brut and Rose) 

  • Fried potatoes/roasted potatoes / French Fries  (Brut and Rose)

  • (Mushroom) Scrambled eggs with Parmiggiano / Gruyere / Comte Cheese + truffle oil  (Brut)

Easy Options:

  • Potato Chips / Crackers/ Crisps (even better Truffle Potato Chips) 

  • Caviar or other fish roe alternatives (Brut)

  • Salted almonds/nuts (Brut or Rose)

  • Prosciutto / Serrano / cured meats (Rose)

  • Raspberries (Rose)

Take Out:

  • Fried chicken/ Chicken & Waffles (Brut or Rose)

  • Salmon sashimi/ salmon sushi rolls (non spicy) (Rose)

Meet Our Host: Clement Calleja with Billecart Salmon

Clement Calleja is a good friend of mine in San Francisco. He is a native of Alsace in France where he first developed his passion for wines and gastronomy.  Clement lived in Champagne for 4 years and is passionate about the industry and has worked with several Champagne Houses in France and in the US. He has been with Billecart-Salmon since 2013.