Holiday Gift Guide for your Favorite Wine Lover

Looking for a gift for a friends or family? If they love to host or drink wine I have just the gift guide for you! Here are my top 14 gifts this holiday season - and why I love them so much!

1. REVO Cooler: This is an amazing host gift! This has helped me elevate my party hosting experiences. You can load it up with beer, champagne, wine, or food! I also was able to get a code for my readers! Use the code UNCORKED and get some $$ off!

Link: REVO Party Barge Beverage Tub (Polar White)

Price: On sale right now for $148 and you will get an extra $10 with code UNCORKED

2. Aervana: Okay I bought this for my dad last year and he loves it! They make great gifts, or a great gift to ask for. This tool goes into the wine bottle and pours the wine for you AND it also aerates the wine! I can definitely tell a difference when just pouring immediately into the glass and using the Aervana. Makes for a quick aerated pour, its fun, and really great looking!

Link: Aervana Essential Electric Wine Aerator

Price: They have three models available starting at $59.99!

3. Double Decanter: I have bought this as a gift a few times and also have one myself that I use quite frequently! It is great for multiple

Link: Double Decanter

Price: $49.99

4. Decanter with drying rack: If you have never bought a decanter before, I HIGHLY recommend this one, for a couple reasons. This one solves all of my decanter problems I have ever had. 1. It comes with a cleaning wand AND drying rack (decanters can be tough to dry and clean out) 2. It pours nicely and 3. The quality for the price point, I personally think, its great!

Link: Wine Decanter Aerator Set

Price: $59.99

5. Serving Tray: You have probably seen me with this one a few times, but it is my favorite! This serving tray I use for SO MANY THINGS! If you are having a larger party, I think this makes for an amazing cheese board! World Market always has some great gifts!

Link: World Market Acacia Wood Bark Tray

6. Cheese Boards/Cheese Knives: Crate and Barrel has some of my favorite cheese boards, mainly because of the selection. I am also never in the quality!

Link: Crate and Barrel Set of 3 Marble Handle Cheese Knives

Price: $29.99/set

Link: Crate and Barrel Wood Marble Square Platter

Price: $15-$100

7. Wine Glasses - Crate and Barrel has some very affordable wine glasses that are great quality! All of my friends always rave about my wine glasses. I have bought these as gifts for many people and they are always a hit!

Link: Crate and Barrel Hip Wine Glasses

Price: ~$6/glass

8. Wine Glasses - Zalto: Okay these are definitely some of my favorite glasses and think well worth the splurge. They are one piece of glass, sturdy, very light, and so elegant! I recommend if you don't have any to start with the universal glasses! I have the universal and Bordeaux glasses!

Link: Zalto Denk'Art Universal Glass

Price: $59/glass

10. Goevvre Cups - If you love to be outdoors these glasses are for you! They are the perfect wine glasses to bring to the beach, the park, hiking, or wherever your outdoor adventures take you. They are amazing quality and with the clever screw-cap top, its well worth the price they are selling them for! These make a great gift! (AND they are real glass!)

Link: Goevvre Portable Wine Glass

Price: $24.99/cup

11. Coravin has many great models to choose from! You have probably heard me talk about these wine tools A LOT and they offer FREEDOM BY THE GLASS! Where are my wine drinkers that want to enjoy 1 glass of wine without opening an entire bottle? Or my wine lovers that want to see if a bottle of wine is ready to drink yet? This is the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life! They have a few different models to choose from, I recommend the Model 2 or Model 2 elite!


Price: Ranges from $200-1000 depending on the model!

12. Bar Carts are a must in my house hold! I think they really are a finishing piece to an entertaining area. Put your wine, liquor, glasses, and/or serve-ware on the cart for display and daily use! Here is one of my favorites from West Elm and also a cheaper dupe I found online as well!

Link: West Elm Terrace Bar Cart

Price: $399 - but goes on sale frequently for 20% off

Link: Overstock Simple Living Manhattan Bar Cart

Price: $150

13. Oak and Bond Coffee is coffee that is aged in wine barrels. SO COOL RIGHT? This is the perfect gift that is different and fun for your wine AND coffee lover!

Link: Oak and Bond

Price: $24.99

14. As for a wine bottle opener I could recommend like 10, but I will keep it short and sweet. One of the best and easiest bottle openers is the Rabbit wine bottle opener. I found a great price on Amazon (linked below) and it makes for the perfect gift for almost anyone!

Link: Rabbit Wine Corkscrew with Foil Cutter, Black

Price: $32

Let me know if you have any questions! HAPPY HOLIDAY SHOPPING!!