Hesperian Wines - Napa Valley Trip Giveaway

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Want the dream getaway weekend in Napa? Drink some amazing wine, stay at an amazing boutique hotel, partake in an interactive cooking experience, dine with a winemaker, go on a hot air ballon ride and have luxury transportation!


Hesperian is a winery I recently learned about and was SO glad I did. The story and the passion behind the owner and winemaker, Philippe Langner, is incredible! He is passionate not only about wine but the farming behind the wine. Philippe grew up learning about farming from his family in Colombia and Zaire. So his passion for farming came at a very young age. Since then Philippe has lived all over the world and has been able to farm and experience many different terroir. (Of which he spent a very long stint in Bordeaux.) After traveling and living many different places, California is the place Philippe has decided to settle and now calls home!

Hesperian wine is low production because  the  vineyards yield  only  2  tons  per  acre in  a  good  year. This is where Philippe's passion really shows through. He believes if you truly know your terroir you are able to affect the quality of the wine. This really shows through in the most recent vintage I was able to try! The wines are AMAZING! Philippe is truly an amazing wine maker and his love for wine and the vineyard really shows through in his wines. Sign up for the mailing list and I promise you won't regret it! Also, with it being such low production, grab it while you can because I know once this word is out on Hesperian, the mailing list will turn into a waiting list to buy this wine!

I had the opportunity to walk through the vineyards with Philippe and learn about the terroir.


How to Enter:

Just a few easy steps! Go to this site (here) and it is a super simple one step process in which you provide your name and email address to sign up for the Hesperian newsletterYou are also given an opportunity to share and invite friends to enter. The more you share and invite, the greater their chances of winning. Easy as that!

For the giveaway, the winners will experience a luxurious Napa Valley weekend. They will be picked up from the airport on Friday by Napa Valley Tours & Transportation in a luxury vehicle, brought to Napa where they will check into the River Terrace Inn and then have dinner. Saturday morning they will wake up and experience the hot air balloon ride provided by Napa Valley Drifters (if weather permits; it may be delayed for Sunday morning). In the afternoon, they will meet at Kitchen Collective where they will taste through the Hesperian collection and in the evening they will have a dinner at Kitchen Collective with our winemaker Philippe Langner.

On Sunday, there will be a tour of the Hesperian property, and then they will be driven back to the airport.


Prize List

1. $500 travel credit, courtesy of Alaska Airlines

2. 2-night stay at River Terrace Inn

3. Hot air balloon ride with Napa Valley Drifters

4. Dining experience at Kitchen Collective with Hesperian winemaker Philippe Langner

5. Luxe ground transportation with Napa Valley Tours

6. Leisurely wine tasting