Farm to Table Dinner - KJ Winery

Wineries are already so much fun to visit for a tasting, and when they kick it up a notch and offer a farm to table dinner WITH THEIR WINE, it takes the experience to a whole new level of amazing. Kendall Jackson leveled up their experience with the dinner in the middle of their garden!

What is better than sitting in a garden (at a winery) and getting to not only taste the amazing wines but also eat the food that comes straight from the garden!

They first welcomed us with a glass of Rosé as we walked around and mingled with other guests. You could grab lite bites like cheese, fresh veggies, and (my favorite) the OYSTER stand! Nothing better than a glass of Rosé with some freshly shucked oysters. Also how cute are these wine barrels they made into a serving station!

There was live music, people mingling and the sun setting for the perfect dinner experience. Once we finished up the appetizers we all headed over to the beautiful dinner table. They served us Family Style, which was so much fun! I've said this time and time again, one of my favorite things about wine is the people and the experiences it brings together. Kendall Jackson did just that!

The food was SO fresh and they even sourced some local peaches. All of the different flavors with each dish and they kept the wine flowing! There were sheets of what we were eating and the wine they suggested that you pair with it. This was also great pairing experience to learn what flavors and food types to pair with different varietals. They came around and poured all the different wines, but also left different bottles on each table so you could pour more wine family style as well. Which was a super fun twist on the dinner as well! Was so fun to talk with everyone on the wines they were enjoying with the different courses. DEFINITELY LEFT FULL and HAPPY!

My two favorite wines at the dinner:



You can access Kendall Jackson's event page here to see the upcoming Farm To Table dinners they have this season as well as some of the other great events they have.

If you have not had the chance the visit their estate, it is stunning and such a great experience so I highly recommend it. Also, if you are not local to Northern California - Kendall Jackson has some great wines you can find in your local wine shops, so keep an eye out for them next time you are searching for that wine to pair with dinner.