Champagne Henriot

For those of you that have been a round here for a while know how much I love my champagne. For those of you that are new, let's just say it's generally my drink of choice when I have the option! I recently discovered Champagne Henriot and was able to have a super fun virtual tasting with Amelie (head of their marketing program). We opened up a couple bottles of Champagne Henriot, talked about the history of the family, what makes their wines such high quality, and we talked through the two that we tasted that evening. Unfortunately, Instagram crashed and would not let me save the LIVE, so I am here to write about it and highlight some of the conversation!

The House of Henriot is one of the rare Champagne houses that have stayed in the same family for over two hundred years! This allows for the family to have a bit more freedom to make bolder choices for their line of Champagne. So for the last two hundred years the Henriot family has been focused on quality and that really shows through in their champagnes!

We tasted through two champagnes and let me tell you….It is really hard for me to say which was my favorite of the two because I LOVED both of them for different reasons!

We started with the Blanc de Blancs: This was bursting with minerality and freshness while also being complex. 100% Chardonnay (70% - 80% from Grand Cru et Premier Cru grapes) and aged on the lees for 4-5 years. This is one of those champagnes I can drink whenever and it also pairs well with food! I had my parents try it with potato chips (great evening snack that requires little prep) and they LOVED the combo!

Vintage 2008 Millesime: Talk about a champagne that you want to keep coming back to, this is it! This is 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir - aged on the lees for 6+ years. The bubbles were delicate and citrus came through on the nose when first opened and then as you let it air out you started to get some toasted biscuit. This champagne had a lot of structure too! This one was definitely a treat!

It was such a great conversation with Champagne Henriot chatting over a couple glasses of champagne virtually! We had a fun conversation about why a lot of people steer away from flutes now! I did a little more research and found out that flutes were originally created to help keep the bubbles in for a longer period of time (for events) and you could carry more of them on a serving tray! But the downside to flutes is that it traps a lot of the aromas in meaning you will miss out on the scents and flavours the champagne has to offer. And quite opposite for a champagne coupe - these are very wide and the bubbles dissipate quickly.

We also talked a bit about occasions for champagne. I LOVE champagne for celebrations (you think NYE, weddings, promotions, birthdays and more). But I also love making dinner at home with my husband and cracking a bottle of champagne open. Or having some girlfriends over for a brunch and getting a bottle of the good champagne (to me, it really does make the world of difference). So next time you are looking for ideas for date night in - pizza and Henriot on the couch. I PROMISE you won't be disappointed!

A few pics from my Bridal shower with Champagne Henriot and a fun brunch spread as well with my girlfriends! Already stocked up on more for the holidays!