Aonair - Breathtaking views and fabulous wine

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Highlights: Fabulous staff, great wines, amazing views, and barrel tastings

I LOVED visiting Aonair. They have a great thing going and I highly recommend you go if you haven't been and are visiting the valley soon.

They do a great job of creating a personal experience for you and your group. Whether that is you and your significant other OR a group of people, they will not disappoint. When you walk into the tasting room it immediately feels like home and is so well put together. From the AMAZING porch outside overlooking a vineyard to the cave barrel won't want to leave.

Y'all know that staff is a huge deal to me, and they have a fantastic staff! So friendly and knowledgeable about the property and wine!

Okay enough about me loving it here is their story:

Aonair is owned by a long time Napa wine maker Grant Long Jr. The Aonair crest has personal significance, as Grant and his wife Megan take great pride in their Irish heritage. Grant’s focus is on handcrafting rich, full-bodied wines in limited barrel quantities, primarily sourced from the rocky, volcanic hillside vineyards of Napa Valley. Working with a diverse set of regionally distinct vineyards has offered him the opportunity to create wines with great depth and layers, as each one of these vineyards adds a unique characteristic to the final blend. Because they focus on quality over quantity, Aonair is a small production winery.

I would highly recommend booking a reservation here in advance. Since they have intimate tasting experiences and are a small production winery, the number of tastings they provide a day is minimal.

The two wines I loved:

Aonair Reserve Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2014: Great to drink now, bright fruits, super smooth, and big bold flavors. This can also sit for years and be even better! But I love it now ;)

Aonair White Blend: I think this white is a crowd pleaser, or at least with my crowd :) . Its like a cross between a chard and sauv blanc --Tropical fruits, lemon, minerals, floral, great mouthfeel with a long finish and a hint of creaminess. SO GOOD!